Friday, December 7, 2012

The Next Chapter

Well folks, after three years of posting on this blog, I am all out of space. When trying to publish a post recently, I received notifciation that I can no longer upload pictures. So, I've created a new site...From the Ground Up Part Two.  You can find our next chapter at the following address:


Friday, November 16, 2012

School Friends

Lilah with her buddy Zeke

Papa may not be too happy about Lilah sharing a couch with Zeke. :)

Playing with "Dinosaur tails"

How To Wash Your Hands: A Demo by Lilah

Lilah was chosen to be the poster child for washing hands in the Buttercup room.  Below is a series of pictures of Lilah demonstrating how she washes her hands.

Step 1: Turn on the Water

Step 2: Place your hands under the running water

Step 3: Next, it is time for some soap

Step 4: Lather up the soap

Step 5: Rinse

Step 6: Dry your hands

Step 7: Throw the towel on the faucet ???

Step 8: Throw the towel away in the trash
(Sorry this picture is turned the wrong way. Can't figure out how to fix it)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Highlands CDC Beauty Shop & A Presidential Election

Ms. Gwen sent me this precious picture a few days ago...

Lilah's 1st Braid

I've mentioned before one of the (many!) things we love about Ms. Gwen is that she texts pictures of the kiddos to their parents during the day.  

 When I asked Ms. Gwen to please explain to me how she got my squirmer to sit still long enough for her to braid her hair...this was her response:

"I sat down and she sat with me while I fixed her hair...I told her you are sooo pretty now let me finish!!"

I have to admit that after hearing Ms.Gwen's strategy, I tried it for myself at home. It didn't work!! :)  
 I guess it is just something about those teachers--they are AMAZING!!


And, now...completely switching gears:

 Lilah in deep thought about her experience with her first Presidential Election. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Day!

 Happy Halloween!!!
Lilah started this Halloween getting ready for school in her candy corn outfit.

A carseat full of tulle!

 Once we got to school, we took a few pictures with the precious Mary.

And, then with Ms. Brenda...Lilah's FAVE. 
After nap time, I headed over to the Buttercups' Halloween Party to hang with Lilah and her friends.
The party was a good time...full of food, fun, and Halloween music.

After school, it was time to get ready for Trick-or-Treating!

"Where's the Candy?"

Knock, knock...TRICK-or-TREAT! Give me something good to eat!

Strolling around the neighborhood in the little, red wagon en route to the candy!

Ms. "Thriller Night" really did have a good time. :)

Because our neighborhood is not very festive...we walked down to the local park to participate in Trunk-or-Treat.

Ms. Priss picking out her own candy.

When we got home this little girl crashed. I've never seen anything like it. Our usual energetic girl was exhausted!! After I took this once in a lifetime picture, we went straight to the bath where sweet girl could hardly keep her eyes open. 

What a fun day!!! Can't wait for next year!!

Halloween: Baking Cookies

 I have such fun memories of making Spritz Cookies with my mom around the holidays so, I wanted to continue that tradition with Lilah.  We started off the holiday season by making pumpkin cookies for Halloween.
She was a great helper!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

School Costume Parade

Lilah dressed as a peacock this year for her school costume parade.


We had a very rocky start getting her dressed. I arrived at school early to allow plenty of time to get dressed since we didn't have a dress rehearsal and I had a feeling she would hate the feathers. Well, it turned out, I was right...she threw an all out fit when I tried to dress her. Once she was in the costume she continued to scream as if she was being tortured.  I felt a little guilty and decided I wasn't going to push it so I took her out of the costume and she'd just participate in the parade in her regular clothes. 

As we were walking to the parade, Ms. Nancy stopped us and said she'd take Lilah and get her back in costume.  I left the two of them alone. I had no doubts that Ms. Nancy would work her magic.  Shortly after, here comes Ms. Nancy with my little peacock all dressed up! :)  We are grateful that Ms. Nancy saved the day!!

You'll notice that some of her feathers are a little bent which was as a result of her fits while getting dressed. I also had a cute ribbon on the front of the onesie and that became destroyed while getting dressed too.  Oh, well! I think she still made a precious peacock!!

Lilah and her friend Mia

Lilah and Madeline

We did have a slight meltdown which stopped the parade. (see video below)

Here are a few (very short!) videos from the parade.

A short clip of a much happier peacock!

 Sadly, the peacock costume did not make it through the day. While I was packing things up to leave, Jep took Lilah outside to the Bounce House and tore off all her feathers so she could jump with the big kids. Oh, well. I guess we got one good wear out of her costume. We have a back up costume for Halloween day. Can't wait!! :)

Happy (almost) Halloween!!